Heart2Heart Connections

Gigi Jantos

Spiritual Wellness Guide

Benefits from sessions with me…

Reduce stress and anxiety

Improved sleep

Reduce negative thoughts

Awakening your Divine spirit

Understand why you are sensitive/feel things deeply and what it means

Chakra energy balance/awareness

Increase the amount of life force energy that is available to you

Discover how to get “unstuck” and why you may feel “lost”

Build mindful awareness

Learn to practice Reiki (creates balance and well-being)

Create a lifestyle of trust and peace


Benefits of spiritual wellness…


according to your values; from your heart with compassion; having mindful awareness; having energy vitality; practicing non-judgement

Wellness matters because everything we do and feel relates to our well-being.  Creating a wellness life-style will reduce stress and anxiety, strengthen your immune system, promote close relationships, and empower you to know you are enough.

What I do…

A guide is a trusted advisor and mentor who supports your own self-discovery and transformation.  This is the path to change and growth that you are seeking.  I help you to open your heart to new possibilities that you haven’t been able to see on your own.  This can include health, emotional or spiritual and life purpose issues where you are feeling at a standstill.  Every journey is unique and personal, and I will support you to unlock your deepest potential in each moment.  Working together will give you an understanding about life patterns that no longer serve you, so you can move toward the truth of your heart.  The challenges and hurdles for true change are worth it because the best part of you is there and waiting to be embraced.  It is my honor to help you to create a deeper level of purpose and well-being!

Every encounter with Gigi is a sounding board for my soul. During our discussions, she listens closely to what I am saying, and not saying, and raises questions I want to explore, but may be too fearful or blind to ask on my own. Working with her I gain a deeper understanding of what to focus on right now, and what directions to consider for the future.

-  SL, Hershey PA, Happy Client

Reiki quiets my mind . . . brings peace to a busy day.  Reiki class with Gigi is the best investment I ever made for myself.  At 71, I can finally meditate.  I have released anger that I held for 20 years.  I am beginning to understand how to use my personal energy that I now feel and have a sense of, which is something I never knew I could experience.  It’s an exciting time in my life and  I’m so grateful to have found a teacher with the level of experience and knowledge as Gigi!

-  Ann V, Happy Client

While undergoing cancer treatment, I started seeing Gigi for Reiki sessions.  My life had already changed drastically from the cancer diagnosis and now little did I know it would change again.  I felt something in my spirit change with Reiki.  My body, mind and spirit felt the calmest it had felt since all the medical testing began.  During the session I felt warmth, energy, calmness, peace, joy.  After the session my physical being was in a total state of relaxation.  I had several other sessions and each one left me feeling physically relaxed and spiritually rejuvenated.  I could never have imagined feeling this way through cancer.  From the many stories I read and interviews I saw, I was supposed to feel as if I was on death’s door.  Wasn’t I supposed to be depressed, anxious and concerned that I would die?  No, I didn’t feel any of that.  Reiki helped me feel alive and hopeful.   A switch in my spirit and mind was turned on and I knew that I would come through this illness okay.  What a blessing!

-  Teresa S, Happy Client

Gigi has a tremendous amount to offer clients as a grounded, wise guide.  I always felt safe and supported in working with her (both 1:1 & in a group).  Her insights helped me focus on key aspects to deepen my awareness and connection to my inner self.  Some of the most profound shifts I experienced seemed simple at the time, but have continued to teach and benefit me for years afterwards. She embodies commitment and compassion as a healer and teacher.

-  Lisa H, Happy Client

I wanted to let you know I’ve really had a breakthrough using tapping.  My reason for doing the coaching session with you was for body image.  Over the last 6 months I’ve gained 10 lbs. due to a severe car accident.  The stress (fear of gaining weight as I’ve had issues with anorexia) was working against me.  I’ve been tapping several times a day and experiencing a huge decrease in anxiety about my weight.  This is a big victory for me!  Thank you so much for all you do.  You are changing the world one woman at a time!

-  A. Brown, Happy Client