About Gigi

I’m a long time spiritual practitioner and perpetual seeker with a strong perception for tuning in to what makes people tick, sensing the barriers that are between you and your heart’s desire.   I work with many energetic techniques, helping people to open their hearts, which shifts the energy within us.  Energy and vibration are the level where we are able to change life patterns that no longer serve us, and may keep us repeating events that are not loving or caring to ourselves.  I have worked in hospitals, wellness centers, with community groups and individual clients, as well as having extensive experience facilitating empowerment workshops, teaching many paths to well-being and self discovery.  I have 20 plus years in the field of personal development, energy awareness and spirituality — including practicing and teaching Reiki.

In 2006 I founded a cancer wellness program that was funded in a local community, providing Reiki and facilitating multi-week group empowerment workshops for survivors.  This experience was one of the greatest blessings of my life.  I specialize in helping people who have health conditions to open to their innermost self to the role it plays in your life.   


If you are interested in experiencing or learning Reiki, for 20 years I have provided personalized Reiki sessions and taught classes for people of all walks of life, including training the Orthopedic nursing staff at a local hospital where Reiki is used for pain management.


I’ve been blessed with a diversity of life experiences and they have taught me to listen to the unique journey of each person’s heart.



My credentials…

  • Usui Reiki Practitioner/Teacher
  • Karuna Reiki Practitioner/Teacher
  • Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) Practitioner
  • The Tapping Solution (EFT) Practitioner
  • Center for Mind Body Medicine Professional Training Program
  • Tuning Fork Sound Therapy Practitioner
  • Prepare for Surgery Heal Faster Program Facilitator
  • 18 Movement Qigong Practitioner/Teacher
  • Mindfulness Meditation Practitioner