Pause for Peace Meditation

Dear Friends:

There’s no manual for dealing with what is happening right now in the world…the level of anxiety and stress can feel overwhelming and relentless.  Things “out there” are breaking down, but there is a place to turn toward that holds strength and peace.  That place is the spirit within you.  There is a source of power that lives within you that can create a feeling of safety in these trying times.  By Pausing for Peace, you focus your attention on the now, and know that you are okay.

Pause for Peace Meditation

Free live meditation for the community

Meditation is a universal practice, and the breath is a universal language. Ultimately, meditation offers us a profound invitation: to use the simplicity of an inhale and exhale to radically transform the clutter of our mind to calm, clear awareness. Your breath can actually flip the switch within you, turning off the Fight or Flight response.  Breath is always available and effortless.  Breath offers the opportunity to connect with the here and now.  Breath is the bridge that connects life to Divine consciousness.  This will be a guided experience.

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A new meditation will be recorded weekly.

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    My gift to you are these recorded tracks from my CD Relax…Release…Renew.  Feel free to listen anytime.  My wish is that all beings can know and access the peace that is within us all!