Energy Work 1 Hour


REIKI SESSION — IN PERSON OR REMOTE — Reiki can be sent at a distance.

Remote session
I will connect with you energetically at a scheduled time, and at that time I will both send Reiki to you and scan your energy system. Then we will connect by phone to discuss what we both noticed about the session, and I will give you an “energy prescription”, along with spiritual wellness guidance, on how to work with your personal energy and well-being.

In person session
Reiki is done while fully clothed, laying on a massage table, in a safe and comfortable environment. The practitioner places their hands on your head and body. Reiki is deeply relaxing and most people become very still and quiet within. Breathing slows. Stress and anxiety release as the nervous systems calms providing healing effects as Reiki treats the whole person: body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Everyone can benefit from this powerful yet gentle energy, and it works well with other medical or therapeutic techniques, and all health conditions.

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